NexDome News 3.11.2022


NexDome is a fully automatic observatory dome control system. Link your dome to a computer

for complete automation including telescope slaving and shutter control.


NexDome officially released ver 4.0.0 of the ASCOM Driver, which includes ver 4.0.0 of the firmware.


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tripod to binocular adaptor $40

Do you own a Plastic Binocular to Tripod Adaptor? If you do, you would be aware of how wobbly they are! We have designed a new, rigid Binocular to Tripod Adaptor from aluminium. Read more




Updated 3rd November 2022




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The Telrad Finder is used instead of a finderscope. The Telrad uses a bull's eye projected onto the back ground sky. One of the advantages:
is a very wide field of view
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25 x 100mm Binoculars $680

25x100mm, Fully Multi-coated, huge light gathering. Perfect for Astronomy.


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coin operated binoculars

20 x 80mm coin operated binoculars, waterproof. With full pier, or as a Handicapped version. Read more

Laser PointerS

Designed for pointing to the desired targets in the night sky (astronomy), on projection screens, video monitors, presentations etc.


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philips toucam $110

Pro 11 PCVC840K SPC 900NC. Long exposure Modification $250


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most popular dvd's

We have a variety of the most popular DVD's available. They make a great addition to your astronomy library Read more


Made of solid aluminium, anodised black, fits 60mm-90mm OD tubes. To be used as a guiding scope. 3 point alignment screws with nylon tips

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Spotting scope $250

The Olivon T-64 with its aperture of 64mm combines a precision optical design, lightweight portability and premium-quality construction.


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